JHP@Penn Interns Reflect on Shabbat for 2000

“I had a meal in my house and me and a few of our roommates each invited 3 to 4 friends,” explains Rachel Finkel, Penn Class of 2014. “It was nice because we had a group that wasn’t all friends already. And they weren’t all people who’d regularly have Shabbat dinners.”

Lead Intern Sam Werther, Penn Class of 2014, and Brian Engel, Penn Class of 2014, hosted one of the largest Shabbat for 2,000 dinners. “We had around 50 people in and out of the kitchen from 5PM to 7PM,” Sam says. “It was great to see everyone connecting through Shabbat dinner and sharing challah, wine, and kugel.”

Jared Rodman, Penn Class of 2015, brought together two of his fraternity’s pledge classes. “It was really nice having an opportunity to take a break from the busy week and sit down with all of our friends. Many of them rarely attend Shabbat dinners so we talked a lot about their first experiences.”  

Nicole Snyder, Penn Class of 2016, felt a tie to her religious traditions: “I feel like, through hosting my own Shabbat dinner, I felt a deeper connection to my religion and was excited to share that connection with my friends.”