JHP Mentoring Retreat in NYC

nbc mentoring

Penn students had the opportunity to attend a day of mentoring in New York City last Friday, November 15th. The day began with office visits to NBC studios hosted by Damon Plotnick, Morgan Stanley hosted by Zoya Raynes, Credit Suisse hosted by Paul Germain, and The New Yorker hosted by Danya Hakimian.

download (1)The day continued with a mentoring luncheon where  professionals in fields students requested attended and sat down to share their experiences and advice, these mentors consisted of:

  • Andrew Feller of Metalmark Capital;
  • David Finkelstein of Cravath, Swaine & Moore;
  • Brad Friess of Musicmarketing;
  • Ilan Kaufthal of East Wind Advisors;
  • Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital;
  • Bryce Markus of Blue Mountain Capital;
  • Gary Ostrow, an osteopathic physician;
  • Zoya Raynes of Morgan Stanley;
  • Adam Schwartz of Angelo Gordon & Co;
  • David Shapiro of CBS Law Department;
  • Matt Solloway of Salloway Law Group; and
  • Adam Tuckman of Golden Tree.

The day ended with a JHP alumni Shabbat dinner. Alumni from Penn, NYU and Binghamton gathered at Ohav Shalom for food, drinks and catching-up. 

 “It was the best JHP retreat I’ve been on. We visited the set of 30 Rock, they were all high quality mentors at the luncheon, and the Shabbat dinner was a party. I feel bad for anyone who missed out.” –Brian Engel, Student Leader, Penn class of 2014.