JHP a part of Chabad on Campus

Chabad on Campus is the fastest growing Jewish organization in the world. Chabad on Campus is there at 230 full campus centers across America and around the globe. It has an arsenal of efforts to strengthen Jewish identity. These include structured learning about Jewish ideas and Israel, Chabad’s Mayanot Birthright Program, Onward Israel, Israelinks, Advanced Study in Israel, and the JHP program which energizes these students and inspires them to engage their friends.The local Rabbi and Rebbetzins on each campus serve as educational resources for the JHP student interns.


JHP utilizes each Chabad House’s core programs and services including:

  • Birthright Israel Trips: Each year, JHP student interns lead groups of their peers to participate in Birthright trips, coordinated through Chabad houses on campus.
  • Sinai Scholars: Through this program students discover their heritage in
    Jewish scholarship and connect at symposiums with students from 77 campuses worldwide.
  • Enrichment: Students have the opportunity to meet with Rabbis and Rebbetzins one-on-one, in study groups and in small groups or classes, for a more formal method of learning about Jewish culture.
  • Healthy Living Task Force: This program provides a peer-driven resource that provides students struggling with mental health and stress with the support of a friend-to-friend network.