YPN TO JRA- Again!

Yesterday YPN went to JRA. We brought a bus full of young professionals, packed boxes at the warehouse and then delivered to people in need.
The experience was amazing seeing everyone helping together.

The Jewish Relief Agency is a dynamic, volunteer-driven organization whose goal is to help Jews in need. Since its founding in Philadelphia in 2000, JRA has been bringing together individuals of all means, ages and backgrounds each month in a spirit of community and tikkun olam. For more information on what is going on at JRA, their new Making Lemonde project , please visit http://www.makinglemonaid.org/

“I had such a great time giving back on Sunday morning. I loved being able to help other people and get to meet them face to face.” – Michelle Goodman, YPN Fellow

After JRA everyone gathered to watch the Eagles game (sadly they lost) and eat falafels.