YPN Boot Camp

Last month’s boot camp was so popular that we decided to bring it back! Last Tuesday, YPNers participated in our second boot camp class of the Summer. The art museum steps were packed but that did not stop us from running up and down – Rocky style – and doing push-ups afterwards!

Once again, Graeme Baumstein – personal trainer and owner of Bodyfuel by G – led us in a new workout routine that kept us moving from start to finish! Graeme donated a portion of the proceeds from the class to purchase toiletries for St. Johns Hospice.

Over the past year, YPN has developed a strong partnership with St. Johns Hospice. Just this week, YPN volunteers visited the shelter to help serve lunch to the residents.

“The boot camp was so intense! I loved the challenging workout, and doing it with friends made it fun – even though it was hard!”

     – Taryn Bell, YPN Attendee