Where are they now? Spotlight on JHP Fellow Lindsay Teich

Lindsay Teich was the JHP Fellow at Penn and Temple from 2004-2010. Currently, Lindsay is Assistant Director of Career Competencies at the Fox School of Business at Temple University, where she counsels undergraduate business students in professional development.
What is your favorite JHP memory? 
My favorite JHP memory was a bet I made with Menachem. JHP had not had a trip to Israel in a while and since I had never been, I used my position as an opportunity to plan a JHP Birthright Israel trip. However, at the time of the bet the Birthright Israel sign up deadline was quickly approaching. I bet Menachem that in four days I could recruit 100+ students to sign up for the trip and if met my goal, Menachem would send me to the Super Bowl (the year the Eagles were playing the Patriots, also my first NFL game). Menachem agreed to the bet and I recruited my Assistant Fellow, Abby Vorobeychik  [Zimmerman] to assist with recruitment. In four days, Abby and I secured 120 students, flew to Jacksonville, Florida for the Super Bowl and ended up taking 2 buses of JHP students to Israel that May!
How did JHP impact you personally or professionally? 
JHP had a huge impact on my personal life as I encountered an organization that allowed for self-expression along with a supportive group of people that gave me confidence and pushed me to be a better person.  JHP introduced and connected me to genuine, Rabbis/Rebbetzin, colleagues and students. JHP pushed me to connect with Judaism in an authentic way and inspired me to do more at my own pace. Finally, JHP allowed me the privilege of travel which resulted in expanding my worldview.
How have you stayed involved with JHP?
I have stayed involved with JHP by providing advice to the past/current Temple University fellows as well as assisting students with their professional development. I have administered Resume Writing and Networking workshops and provided individual career counseling appointments to students in need of career and academic advice.