Where Are They Now: JHP Fellow Spotlight with Nora Diller

How did you get involved with JHP and what was your role? 
I got involved with JHP my Freshman year at NYU because I had a friend, Russell Bailyn, who was involved and he brought me to my first meeting. After graduating, I worked as a Fellow for JHP in New York from 2006-2008. I worked with our young alumni and helped to build up our mentoring program for young professionals.
What is your favorite JHP memory?
I loved the JHP mentoring retreats and the Shabbat dinners we had with Penn.  It was great to make friends at different schools and to meet young adults in different industries.
How did JHP impact you personally or professionally?
Overall the way I live my life and the importance I place on my Jewish identity was definitely impacted by JHP. Toward the end of college, I started working at a Hebrew school and continued to teach for about 9 years. When I have a family, I want to make sure Judaism is a part of our lives.
What are your up to now?
I work in Manhattan as a 4th grade math teacher at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School and am an avid runner.  My husband and I recently just bought our first home in Great Neck, Long Island.