What’s Happening in JHP? – December 7th Edition


YPN & The Modest Mom Make Challah

Emunah Wircberg (The Modest Mom) taught many YPNers all about the history of Challah last week. Did you know that if you make more than 5 pounds of challah you have to rip off a small piece of dough and burn it until its inedible? This symbolizes the Mitzvah of Challah that was separated and taken to the Kohanim in the times of the Temple. The small piece that is separated is the actual Challah. We learned that and much more at the event held in Center City.  We also learned how to make stuffed challah along with original and many other flavors. The girls were very intrigued and are excited to take home their challahs and have them with their Shabbat dinners!

“My mom is so proud of me for learning how to cook my first challah. It was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to make more”– Alexa Epstein 

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Penn Welcomes Back Former JHP Fellow, Jessie Segal!

This past Sunday, December 4th, JHP @ Penn held it’s last meeting of the semester with guest speaker, and former JHP fellow, Jessie Segal. Jessie, who currently works at the organization Woman Organized Against Rape (WOAR), led the students in a discussion about sexual assault on college campuses. Jessie armed the students with advice on how to spot and stop aggressive behavior, alarming statistics about assault, and information about resources throughout the city for victims of sexual assault.

Sophomore and Shabbat for 2,000 Chair, Julia Taitz commented that, “our meeting on Sunday was great because we were able to talk about Jewish content and social issues. It really really showed how comfortable the JHP community is with each other!”


Temple Celebrates Shabbat with Over 144 Students

For the first time ever, Temple JHP has surpassed their “Shabbat for 100” by a landslide! Lead interns decided to challenge themselves by making this semester’s goal Shabbat for 144 (Eight times chai). Well man, did they succeed! 180 Temple students attended last Friday’s dinner. Prayers, laughs, and delicious foods were shared across the room of Morgan D301. Rabbi Kantor and his wife, Chanie, were elated to have such an energized and kind crowd. Students absolutely loved Chanie’s food and adored the ice breakers the lead interns led in the midst of dessert. Through and through, it was an unbelievable night. Now we’re looking forward to seeing how we can make next semester’s event even more successful!

As Temple JHP intern, Saul Shaaltiel, noted, “Shabbat for 144 was an event which provided Jewish students on campus the opportunity to celebrate Shabbat with friends, meet new ones, and have a delicious home cooked meal.  The dinner was a great time filled with games and laughter. I have been a part of JHP since attending Temple, and have never been a part of a Shabbat dinner where I felt so much at home. This event means a lot for the Jewish community on campus because it helped form new relationships which will hopefully have a lasting impact.”