Tales of Taste of NY: Part 2

A Taste of New York, affectionately nicknamed TONY, has always been a staple in JHP’s annual schedule. Last night, JHP’s 2013 gala fundraiser helped the entire organization raise a record high amount of money. But most importantly for me, TONY helped the JHP on Campus program take a giant step forward.

Let’s rewind. Without a doubt, the largest challenge I’ve faced so far in my position as JHP@Penn Campus Fellow is figuring out how to encourage lasting friendships among JHP interns. Last night at TONY, interns and fellows from all three JHP campuses had the opportunity to hang out together in a bar. And just for the record: there is nothing like kosher sushi, an open bar, and plates upon plates of cake pops to bring college students and recent graduates together under the giant nightlight of the Empire State Building.

Not only did last night’s event help JHP raise enough money to keep the JHP on Campus programs thriving, but it also provided JHP students and staff with the rare opportunity to brainstorm, goof off, complain and eat with each other…basically all the essentials for creating lasting friendships among Jews. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible so we could have a great time together last night!