Tales of Taste of NY: Part 1

Walking into a room filled with hundreds of supporters and participants of the organization you work for is quite a sight. Listening to people reminisce about their JHP experiences as I navigated through crowds of people at 230 Fifth was pretty exhilarating. It goes to show the impact JHP has had on hundreds of Jews over the past twenty years. The core values have remained the same – to connect young adults to their Judaism and to other Jews.

No matter where people are in their lives, when asked to honor JHP, and brought together to honor JHP, everyone has only positive things to say. A Taste of New York provides only a glimpse of how JHP has had an impact on its alum, current mentors and students. Last night was a success, and I am proud to say I work for such a wonderful and meaningful organization.

–Aurora Greenberg, JHP Program Assistant and JHP@Temple Fellow