Shabbat For 2000


Shabbat for 2,000 is a program run each semester by the Jewish Heritage Programs (JHP) at Penn, Temple, and NYU. Shabbat for 2,000 – this year happening on OCTOBER 25TH – has been an anchor of the JHP on Campus program for years. Our goal is to provide simultaneous Shabbat dinners to 2,000 students tonight mostly on Penn’s campus. 
Students had the opportunity to invite friends, whatever helped them get into the spirit of Shabbat. Today students are stopping by the JHP Office at 4037 Pine Street to pick up their dinner: chicken, wine, challah, salad, and vegetables. They will be all set for a warm, homey, free Shabbat dinner! 
 Over 1700 students will be attending dinners all over the world, not just Philadelphia, but New York, Barcelona, Spain and Leuven Belgium!



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