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November 5, 2014

StandWithUs representative educates
 Penn Interns about how they can help Israel
JHP@Penn Students Join the Discussion on Israel

This past Sunday, JHP hosted Ben Brownstein, campus representative from StandWithUs, an international Israel advocacy organization, at the Radian lounge on Penn’s campus.

Ben led a discussion with 35 of JHP’s student interns on how to bolster support for Israel on Penn’s campus. The discussion examined the current Israel climate at Penn and focused on the distinction between anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of Israeli policy. It concluded with several examples of “tough questions” being posed by Israel critics and how to respond most effectively.
After the meeting Ben Brownstein commented:  “I was impressed by the students’ strong interest in having this discussion. They were all very supportive of Israel, but were also willing to step in other people’s shoes to make a convincing argument for supporting Israel. With Israel’s critics becoming more outspoken on campus, it’s important to have advocates who can identify true antisemitism when they see it.”



JHP YPN Leadership Attends “Friends of the IDF” Gala

Members of the JHP YPN Leadership Circle were invited to attend the Friends of Israeli Defense Force gala in Philadelphia this past Monday evening.  15 young professionals had the opportunity to meet members of the community and speak with IDF  soldiers who served during Operation Protective Edge.  Everyone enjoyed networking, making new friends and hearing about the IDF!


Baking Challah with Flora

Rebbetzin Flora Levin joined JHP @ Penn interns Rachael Frazer and Courtney Zessar for a challah-baking and braiding activity in the Freshman Quad.  20 Freshmen attended and learned about the Jewish traditions surrounding challah-baking while having fun braiding and baking the dough.  They all agreed the challah was delicious and are excited to do more baking activities with Flora! 


The Spiritual Lesson of Art from the way that an artist looks deeply at the subject —-

As explained in the mystical teachings of the Torah, the entire creation emanates from, and is constantly sustained by, G-dly energy. However, because of the process of divine concealment, this energy is hidden, and only the material substance is visible. We must look deeper, beyond the surface.

The challenge is to recognize the G-dliness in everything, and by doing this, minimize the concealment of the G-dly reality of this world. We should be careful to prevent superficial matters from obscuring the real purpose of existence.

Join JHP this Friday night at the OCJAC in Philadelphia for First Friday.   Gallery Opens at 5pm with a community Shabbat dinner beginning at 9pm.  For more information, please email



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