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November 20, 2014

JHP@Penn Mentoring Retreat in NYC
Dr. Charles Asher Small addressing the Students and Mentors

Last Friday JHP@ Penn and NYU student interns spent the day networking in New York City. First, they attended a luncheon with mentors in various fields, including: finance, education, healthcare, marketing, and fashion. Students had a rare opportunity to interact with successful Jewish professionals who have made Judaism a central part of their lives.

At the luncheon, Dr. Charles Asher Small – Director of the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism – gave a report on anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activities on campus.

After lunch, students split into groups and visited several other mentors in their offices, including Adam Rothenberg at BoxGroup, Eric Gribetz at Pegasus Capital, and Courtney Engel at Grey Group, and Jason Ostheimer at Advancit Capital. Here the students met with leading marketing, finance, and consulting professionals on their home turf.

That night, students enjoyed a Shabbat dinner at JHP Alumnus Zoya Raynes’ home. They all agreed that relaxing around the Shabbat table was a great way to end the day and the week.

“It was really nice to network with Jewish leaders who have similar interests to mine and especially those who pursued a similar academic path as mine. I highly recommend going on this retreat; it was a very unique learning and bonding experience!” 

   – JHP@Penn Student Intern Stephanie Wilf

“I met intelligent, accomplished people who had great career advice for me, and I may even be changing my career path thanks to the retreat! It was such a great & rewarding experience!” 

     -JHP@Penn Student Intern Julie Sandelovsky 



Ross Fieldston on his JHP Mentoring Experience

Last Friday’s mentoring event was hosted by Ross Fieldston at the office of Paul Weiss, LLP, where Ross is a Partner in the Corporate Department. Ross is an alumnus of JHP and was an Honoree at this year’s Taste of New York Event.

When asked about his experience with JHP mentoring, Ross said:

“One of my earliest introductions to JHP mentoring was when Menachem took me and some other Penn students who were interested in pursuing a career in law to visit David Cohen – who was then Chairman of Ballard Spahr and is now Executive Vice President of Comcast Corporation. I remember David speaking about the importance of striking a work, life, civic, and community balance and I was inspired by how he was able to integrate service to his community and his profession in such a seamless manner. 

Fast forward over a decade later to just a few months ago – I found myself again sitting across the table from David, only this time it wasn’t at a JHP mentoring event. My partners at Paul Weiss and I were representing Time Warner Cable in negotiating its $45.2 billion merger with Comcast – which is certainly one of the most significant transactions of my career. To be there negotiating with one of my earliest mentors in law – not as a mentee but as an attorney – was on many levels a thrilling moment for me professionally.”   



Jew Culture Launch Party at NYU 
This year JHP@NYU and Chabad House Bowery are partnering to launch “Jew Culture,” a comprehensive program for unaffiliated Jews at NYU. The goal of Jew Culture is to reach unaffiliated Jews and infuse a passion for Judaism and leadership. Jew Culture programming will be led by our student Steinhardt Fellows and will include Shabbat dinners, social events, Torah learning and more.
This past Thursday the Steinhardt fellows held the Jew Culture Launch Party at The Lodge in downtown Manhattan.   The party was hosted by the JHP Fellows as a means to launch Jew Culture, the JHP program at NYC.   Over 400 students attended the event and helped contribute to the night’s success.  Upcoming events for Jew Culture include Shabbat dinners, holiday parties, social events, ulpan classes.


From the memoir of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok of Lubavitch:
“There once lived in the small town of Lubavitch in Russia a Jew called Reb Yisrael der freilicher (Israel the happy one). He would always be found jumping for joy, and would oft refrain, “”If Reb Yisrael can give G-d nachas (pleasure) by doing a mitzvah, should I not jump and dance with joy?”


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