JHP@Penn Student Leadership Dinner

Last night, JHP@Penn’s seven lead interns gathered at the Murano Apartment complex – secured for us by JHP alumnus Sam Aronson – for their first meeting of the semester.
The student leaders enjoyed catching up with each other and JHP’s staff over a delicious Chinese dinner. They also had a chance to meet Berel Rapoport, a JHP alumnus who runs the men’s fashion design firm Berel & Co., and Jonathan Saidel, a longtime JHP supporter and former Philadelphia City Controller.
In honor of the the current Jewish month of Elul and the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday, Rabbi Menachem Schmidt blew the shofar for all the dinner guests.
“It was a really fun way to kick off the semester. We got to catch up with the JHP staff and student leadership, introduce ourselves to new members, and reconnect with JHP alumni living in the Philadelphia area!”
     -Nicole Snyder, JHP@Penn Social Media Lead Intern