JHP@Penn Hears From Consul General of Israel

Sunday, March 27th, JHP@Penn was lucky to host Yaron Sideman, the Consul General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region which serves: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky and Southern New Jersey. He spoke to the students about his duties as the Consul General, explaining that his job is to build and mend relationships with our region and Israel. Yaron was charming and engaging as he answered the students questions.

An important question that our lead intern Samantha Stavis ’16 asked him was “Although we can be aware of what is going on in Israel, how can we personally help and educate others who are unaware?” Yaron explained how its all about starting the conversation, that you need to sell people on how amazing and influential Israel is in terms of its advanced medical technology as well as technology in general, and how its able to offer the world so much good and help.

We were extremely lucky and honored to have had him at the JHP@Penn  Sunday meeting!