JHP Purim Festivities

JHP student interns and young professionals were busy celebrating Purim last week, from hamantaschen making to Megillah readings.

IMG_2242JHP@Temple students got together for a Purim party, making hamantaschen in preparation for the holiday and preparing Mishloach Manot.  At Penn, interns got together for a delicious seudah (festive meal) at the new Lubavitch House and a Megillah reading with Rabbi Levi. It was a great chance for the JHP family to celebrate before leaving for Spring Break. Earlier in the week, Penn interns hosted Hamantaschen making at the Tri-Delt sorority house.

“Hamantaschen making was so much fun! Preparing mishloach manot to gift each other was a great way to learn about the holiday.”

     -Loren Furman, JHP@Temple Intern

Hamantaschen making was also a hit with the young professionals who got together in Center City with Rebbetzins Flora Levin and Emunah Wircberg. While the Hamantaschen baked, the YPNers learned about Purim and the mitvah to spread happiness for the holiday. They made refuah shleimah (“get well soon”) cards to raise the spirits of the patients at Temple Hospital.