JHP Love Stories: Scott and Traci Meyer

Hodid each of you get involved with JHP?
Scott got involved with JHP after meeting Jenn Birch, who was involved at Temple and in YPN. Jenn had a friend who was moving to Philadelphia, in the same building as I was living but a few floors above me.  Evan Markowitz and I became good friends and attended many JHP Shabbat events at the Old City Art Center as well as other social gatherings which they had. Traci got involved with JHP when her friend Stephanie Marblestone (Sorkin) brought her along to a Shabbat event at the Old City Art Center.
How did you two meet?
We met at a meeting for the JHP trip to Israel which took place in 2010.  Traci noticed Scott from across the room and mentioned it to her friend Stephanie. Stephanie was instrumental in getting the two of us in the same place at the same time and the rest…is history!
What are you two up to these days?
We currently live in the ever evolving section of Point Breeze in the City of Philadelphia.  Currently Scott is a Real Estate Appraiser with Wells Fargo Bank. Traci is currently raising our two wonderful children, Jace and Marley. Jace and Marley joined us in June of 2015 and it has been quite a journey since then.  Twins are a wild ride!
What are your favorite JHP memories?
So many wonderful memories with JHP!  From dancing in the street during Simchat Torah to enjoying a night at the Olde City Art Center for Passover, Shabbat dinners at Menachem’s, Scotts and Shotz Guest Bartending, and an incredible journey in Israel surrounded by wonderful friends.
How did JHP impact your Jewish identity?
JHP kept us connected to the Jewish community. JHP managed to keep us involved with all of the events surrounding holidays and Shabbat.  It kept us connected to like minded people, our age, looking to be included in a Jewish organization which was not pushy and welcomed everyone with open arms.

How have you stayed involved with JHP over the years?

We have attended Shabbat dinners at Menachem and Chava’s house and managed to keep connected with incredible friends.