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January 15, 2015

YPN Winter Retreat in the Poconos
YPN Participants Gearing up for Snow Tubing in the Poconos


This past weekend JHP organized a retreat in the Pocono Mountains for 12 young professionals deeply involved in YPN. It was an opportunity for bonding, strategic planning, and learning more about Judaism.


The retreat began with a big Shabbat dinner on Friday night where the young professionals asked the Rabbis their most persistent questions about Judaism. Saturday afternoon the Young Professionals engaged in bonding activities and had a shabbat lunch. Saturday night they ventured out into the cold and went snow tubing. They finished with reflections and strategic planning for YPN.


Everyone had a great time and returned ready to recruit for next month’s JHPong event.


“This weekend we had the opportunity to learn more about our Jewish roots, what binds us together as young Jewish professionals, and the beliefs we want to instill in all JHP participants”

     -Jamie Moskowitz, YPN Fellow

Throwback Thursday: Fall 2014 Study Break @ Temple
During last semester’s final exams, JHP @ Temple students Jaclyn Leonard and Sidney Rosenberg wanted a chance for their friends to take a break and recharge. They hosted a Falafel Study Break for the students to eat and talk about Israel.
 “The event was great!” Sidney said, “Many of our guests tried falafel for the first time.”
Next week JHP @ Temple will be hosting an open dinner and intern meeting for students interested in learning more about JHP. Please contact Campus Coordinator Kelly Harris (Kelly@jhp.org) to learn more.



A Different Peace

True peace is not a forced truce, not a homogenization of differences, not a common ground that abandons our home territories.

True peace is the oneness that sprouts from diversity, the beauty that emerges from a panorama of colors, strokes and textures, from the harmony of many instruments each playing a unique part, not one overlapping the other’s domain by even the breadth of a hair.

-Likutei Sichot, Vol. 18 , Korach 3 


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