December 10 E-news: Early Chanukah Celebrations at Penn

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December 10, 2014

Early Chanukah Celebrations at Penn 

Spin the Dreidel: SDT Edition hosted by JHP@Penn Intern Stephanie Wilf

This past week
JHP@Penn interns celebrated an early Hanukkah on campus, in their dorms, apartments and sorority or fraternity houses. From dreidel game study breaks to latke parties, the festivities were a great way to take a break from finals preparations.
“My friends and I all really enjoyed playing spin the dreidel in honor of the upcoming holiday this month. It was a really fun way to bond over a shared holiday tradition and relax during these stressful days leading up to final exams!” – Stephanie Wilf, JHP@Penn Intern.
“Hosting a pre- Hanukkah study break with my friends was just such a nice way to decompress on a busy night before finals. Dreidels were spinning, the gelt was yummy & it was the perfect excuse to do something fun & relaxing. Can’t wait for Hanukkah!”- Katie Schepps, JHP@Penn Intern

YPN Bakes Challah in Preparation for Shabbat


YPN Leadership Bakes Challah with Chava Schmidt
Members of the YPN leadership circle baked Challah with Rebbetzin Chava Schmidt last Thursday night in preparation for a YPN Shabbat.   “What an incredible night baking challah and discussing our jewish toots. Not only were we able to help with Shabbat prep, but the conversation and historical lessons will carry with us  each day” Jamie Moskowitz
On Friday night 25 YPN Leadership Circle participants and friends gathered at Rabbi Menachem and Chava Schmidt’s home for Shabbat dinner where everyone enjoyed the delicious challah that was baked the night before in preperation for the dinner.


Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to JHP YPN member, JIllian Sorkin Lieberman on her recent marriage to Seth Lieberman.   The JHP community wishes you much joy and happiness as you begin your lives together.  



The Chassidic Masters explain that rain and dew are both metaphors for divine bounty. Rain isn’t a constant, at times there are droughts, because the divine blessing symbolized by rain is dependent on human effort and merit-which aren’t always constant. Dew, on the other hand, represents Gd’s kindness that isn’t contingent on our actions or behavior, the kindness that stems from His unceasing and immutable love for His children.
Rain represents the reciprocal relationship between heaven and earth. Chassidic teaching cites the Torah’s description (Genesis 2:6) of the first rainfall: “A vapor rises from the earth” to the heavens, and the heavens return it as rain which “quenches the face of the land.” This, explain the Chassidic masters, represents the spiritual truth that “an arousal from below evokes an arousal from above”–that G-d responds to the efforts of man, reciprocating our prayers, yearnings and deeds with nurture from Above.


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