Another Successful Shabbat for 2K

Shabbat 2,000 is my favorite event of the semester every semester. It’s just been the greatest opportunity to gather my closest Jewish friends for a Shabbat dinner to relax and catch up.”

– Jane Mittleman, JHP@Temple Intern

On Friday September 19th 2014, JHP hosted our Fall Shabbat for 2000. JHP@Penn student interns recruited their friends to host Shabbat dinners, and JHP provided all the supplies needed, including food, how-to booklets, and candles.  85 Shabbat dinners took place simultaneously, with over 1,500 Penn students participating. Additional Shabbat for 2000 dinners were hosted -for the first time- by their peers studying abroad, JHP’s other campus programs, alumni in NYC & Philadelphia, YPN members, JHParents, mentors, donors and JBN members.

“We held a dinner for our pledge class in the brotherhood room of our fraternity house.  The dinner was a great way for us to bond as a class, and brought out a religious side to us that we rarely see in Greek life. One of my friends led a few prayers and we really enjoyed the meal that JHP so generously provided for us. We especially appreciated the meal knowing that so many other Jews all over campus were having similar experiences at the very same time.

– Daniel Borkenstein, JHP@Penn Student Intern

International dinners were hosted by Penn students abroad for the semester hosted dinners in cities such as London, Zurich, and Barcelona. Various student groups at Penn hosted dinners for their members, including fraternities, sororities, the football & baseball teams, and the Mask & Wig comedy troupe. 

“Shabbat for 2K was an exciting way to get our pledge class together to learn more about Shabbat. It was a fun opportunity for us to all eat dinner together at the Chapter House and celebrate.”

–  Erica Harriton, JHP@Penn Intern