Alumni Spotlight: Josh March

Josh March is one of our star JHP@Penn alumni. Currently living in New York, Josh is working with other JHP alumni to host JHP events such as happy hours, Shabbat dinners and mentoring events to help connect alumni and other Jewish graduates in New York City.
Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Josh graduated in 2014 and works in the Leveraged Finance group at Credit Suisse. While at Penn, Josh got involved with JHP during his freshman year through older friends who were already involved. Together, they and their friends participated in JHP programming for the remainder of their college experience.
“My favorite memory of JHP@Penn,” Josh reminisces, “is the mentoring events where we had the chance to go to New York and meet Jewish professionals working in all different fields and learn from their experiences and careers.”
If you’re interested in getting involved in Young Alumni Events in New York, contact JHP Program Director Andrea Highbloom ( for more info.