A JBN Success Story!

A JBN Success Story: 
Interview with Rob Zaidman, 
Financial Advisor at Janney Montgomery Scott
Michelle Goodman, YPN Program Manager: How did you get involved with JHP?

Rob: I got involved with the Young Professional Network in 2013.  I’ve enjoyed playing on the YPN kickball team and attending other JHP social events with friends.

Michelle: How did you get involved with the Jewish Business Network (JBN)?
Rob: As a perk of being involved with Young Professional Network, I was invited as a guest to attend JBN luncheons which is how I learned about the business opportunities at JBN and started to attend the events.

Michelle: How was your connection from JBN formed into a new partnership?

Rob: I was searching for a business partner who would serve as a mentor as well as allow me to effectively scale the business and provide the best level of service available to my clients. I knew the values and type of partner that I was looking for and since JBN gave me access to a diverse group of people, within the Jewish community, I was able to meet Bob Gelsher who fulfilled all my criteria and also was looking for a partner. I credit JBN for putting me in the position so that I was able to meet a gentleman like Bob that I would have no reason to be speaking or conversing with otherwise. I would say that the hardest part of business is putting yourself in the right position to find what you are looking for and JBN provided me with that opportunity.