Rabbi Levi and Nechama Haskelevich

Campus Rabbi and Associate Directors of Lubavitch House at Penn

Rabbi Levi Haskelevich was born and raised on the mountain in Crown Heights, NY. He studied Talmud, Chassidus, and Kabbalah at the prestigious academies of Oholei Torah and “770” where he was also ordained as a rabbi. As a Yeshiva student he served in the Chabad “Peace Corp” in numerous locations as normal as Sydney and Berlin to as interesting as Kazakhstan and Estonia.

Levi’s interests span the wide spectrum, from pursuing Rabbinic specializations (ritual slaughter to reproductive health in Jewish law), to editing and publishing his grandfather’s “Memoirs of the Gulag” in Yiddish. In addition to serving (since 2000) – along with his wife Nechama and their five children – as campus rabbi and associate directors of Lubavitch House at the University of Pennsylvania, he enjoys engaging faculty and students in discussion about Judaism and its relationship with the many disciplines it encounters at the University.