Ephraim and Flora Levin

Director of Lubavitch House at Penn

Rabbi Ephraim and Flora Levin have been working at Lubavitch House at Penn since 1990. Ephraim is  the Director of Lubavitch House, and Flora is a staff member for Jewish Heritage Programs and Birthright Israel trips. Ephraim is on the Board of Directors for Jewish Heritage Programs, which he co-founded with Menachem Schmidt in 1993. Ephraim and Flora, along with Levi and Nechama Haskelevich, are associated with the Office of the Chaplain at Penn. Ephraim is also a Rabbinical advisor and board member to Tikvah, a socialization and support group for Jewish adults with mental illness. Ephraim received his rabbinical degree from Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY in 1989 and a B.S. in Psychology from Georgetown in 1981. Flora graduated from McKenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a degree in industrial design. She attended Machon Chana Women’s Yeshiva for two years. Ephraim and Flora have five children and currently live in Wynnewood.